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Arts@Tech Shows

Art intersects with technology in the Arts@Tech 2016-17 season of shows!

Express Yourself

From student-run theatre productions to GT Salsa Club, there are a variety of ways to express your creative side.

When Art Meets Tech

At the intersection of art and technology, Georgia Tech is home to both modern and interactive art courses and activities. 

Visual Art

Georgia Tech is home to several larger-than-life pieces of art. From Einstein to Engineered Art, there's plenty to see on campus.


Georgia Tech joins multiple venues citywide for Pianos for Peace, an annual open festival of music using...

Understanding issues around personal safety is the focus of “I Feel Safe When ____,” a campus-wide...

The lobby of the Ferst Center for the Arts features a casual, open environment following building renovations over the summer...

The Office of the Arts announces the 2016-17 Arts@Tech performance season. The 25th season is highlighted by great...

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Aug 31

DramaTech announces auditions for The Man of La Mancha

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

(DramaTech Theatre, Back Corner of Ferst Center for the Arts)

Tuesday to Friday
6 to 16

Pianos for Peace

12:00 am

(Outside of Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, Lower Level)

Thursday to Saturday
15 to 17

The Wholehearted by Stein/Holum Projects

12:00 am

(Ferst Center for the Arts)

Friday to Saturday
Sep to Oct
30 to 8

The Taming

12:00 am